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A balanced and thoughtful approach to all this SOPA business without flippantly dismissing it (or blindly agreeing with it).


Today, while the SOPA/PIPA debate is very much in the forefront of people’s thoughts, we’re happy to welcome this guest post on SOPA. By way of introduction, you might also check out the “Black Wednesday” post from this morning on the internal Hack Library School debate to weigh in on this issue with links to other resources.

We are pleased to offer Alex’s well-researched and thoughtful article on the merits and problems with SOPA and hope that the discussion and information sharing continues here on Hack Library School.

Take it away Alex!


SOPA and PIPA have been floating around the internet over the last few weeks. These two bills (SOPA for the House of Representatives [HoR] and PIPA for the Senate) are meant to combat online piracy and copyright infringement. These are laudable goals and should be applauded by any aspiring information professional. So what’s all the hubbub about?…

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Almost 1 year in

I’m not talking about being a year into blogging, or this blog. I’m almost a year into my newest position at UK Libraries. For a long time I was in Serials and I learned a decent amount, but that position was set up in such a way that it was sooo easy to simply lock into what was required of me and just get it done. The biggest mysteries of the job usually revolved around finding the right purchase order to use or figuring out the history of any one title and whether or not we were supposed to pay for it.

My current position is in Reference Services but much of my concentration is on Information Literacy. (The capitals are totally necessary – or maybe it should be quotation marks). The biggest difference seems to be that there is simply so many interrelated and moving parts – it’s hard to pin anything down without involving something or someone else.

The other position had this as well, but it felt more linear, whereas everything now feels cyclical, which makes it easier to get confused about where in the process I might be.

I think I’ve learned more about organizational culture in the past year than I’ve ever learned. (With a shout out to management class providing me with a framework to begin to understand it.)

I’ve also learned that I’m ready for the next step. Having the ability to talk with people (librarians, professors, administrators, etc.) has given me the confidence that yes, I can hold an intelligent conversation and I have a lot to offer in the world of higher education, libraries, and information literacy.

Hello 2012

It’s 4 days in and already 2012 is a pretty mixed bag.

New Year’s Eve was great as I and Jessica had a chance to spend the whole day with lots of friends, some from out of town, some we simply hadn’t seen in a while.

I had a nice break from work and it’s amazing what a little rest can do.

And then there’s our car. Looks like the water pump went out, along with some issues with the alternator and who knows what else. It’s still at the mechanic’s shop. Early estimates are over $1,000.

I already knew we’d probably have to tighten the ol’ belts a little bit. Now it’s just a little tighter and sooner than I thought.

On a more positive note, I’m still optimistic about finding a professional level entry job as a librarian.