The Empty and Fulfilling Winter Break

The first day back at work after a long winter break. It’s one of the nice perks about being in academic librarianship – (usually) being given several days off for vacation and “administrative closures.”

My wife joked that my desire for a time off and a “real” vacation consisting of not having to do much wouldn’t start until I came back to work. The intermixing and context for good luck / bad luck started with Jessica being sick on top of first trimester morning (or rather, all day) sickness. So she was able to turn off and stay in bed while I was able to be home and take care of the little man Charlie.

For the  most part, my break was a daily routine of waking up with Charlie, breakfast, playing, checking in Jessica, cleaning up, dishes, snacking/lunch, laundry, playing + reading, naptime, playing, reading, cleaning, making dinner, dishes, playing, bath time, reading / winding down, and off to bed with Charlie. It was very Charlie-centric.

It’s easy to answer the inevitable question of “Did you do anything over break?” with “not much.”
But I’m trying to have a more positive view of things. In that light, I can answer with “I got to spend more than 2 solid weeks hanging out with Charlie!”

Happy new year everyone and I hope you had a fulfilling winter break!


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