The Empty and Fulfilling Winter Break

The first day back at work after a long winter break. It’s one of the nice perks about being in academic librarianship – (usually) being given several days off for vacation and “administrative closures.”

My wife joked that my desire for a time off and a “real” vacation consisting of not having to do much wouldn’t start until I came back to work. The intermixing and context for good luck / bad luck started with Jessica being sick on top of first trimester morning (or rather, all day) sickness. So she was able to turn off and stay in bed while I was able to be home and take care of the little man Charlie.

For theĀ  most part, my break was a daily routine of waking up with Charlie, breakfast, playing, checking in Jessica, cleaning up, dishes, snacking/lunch, laundry, playing + reading, naptime, playing, reading, cleaning, making dinner, dishes, playing, bath time, reading / winding down, and off to bed with Charlie. It was very Charlie-centric.

It’s easy to answer the inevitable question of “Did you do anything over break?” with “not much.”
But I’m trying to have a more positive view of things. In that light, I can answer with “I got to spend more than 2 solid weeks hanging out with Charlie!”

Happy new year everyone and I hope you had a fulfilling winter break!


Hello 2012

It’s 4 days in and already 2012 is a pretty mixed bag.

New Year’s Eve was great as I and Jessica had a chance to spend the whole day with lots of friends, some from out of town, some we simply hadn’t seen in a while.

I had a nice break from work and it’s amazing what a little rest can do.

And then there’s our car. Looks like the water pump went out, along with some issues with the alternator and who knows what else. It’s still at the mechanic’s shop. Early estimates are over $1,000.

I already knew we’d probably have to tighten the ol’ belts a little bit. Now it’s just a little tighter and sooner than I thought.

On a more positive note, I’m still optimistic about finding a professional level entry job as a librarian.